ImageThis is the “NGO revolution.

In recent decades, the number of NGOs worldwide has increased dramatically, along with a strengthening of their influence and a broadening of their activities. They now impact policies and advance initiatives that once were nearly exclusively the domain of governments and for-profit corporations.

The NGO World has decided to issue a monthly NEWSLETTER initially in soft, starting 1st addition from May, 2012 in which all the key players generally and NGOs Personnel particularly, can send freely and without any charges their periodic reports, activity reports, case studies, success stories, best practices, innovative ideas, project introduction, event updates and organizational opportunities available. Newsletter will be published & issued during 1st week of every month.

Send Your Material:

Your material should not be more than one page of MS word (A4 size) along with 1-2 pictures. Material should be sent at ngo.media@yahoo.com before 25th of every month. Sender should include his name, designation, organization name, website, phone and office address.

Newsletter will be shared effectively with donors, UN agencies, research institutions and all concerned stakeholders of NGO sector.

For details visit:http://www.thengoworld.org/ngo-promotion/


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