First Edition of Monthly Newsletter “THE NGO WORLD” Launched

Needless to say that to-day is the era of information technology and enhanced knowledge which requires from the key players to join hands together and develop joint ventures, exchange of best practices, discussion & debate on innovative ideas, dissemination of pertinent information & knowledge about who is who & what is what etc.
That is why it been has decided to issue a Monthly Newsletter in soft. Its 1st Edition from April 2012 has been issued.

Tow download;;;CLICK  HERE

For the next month newsletter Please send your publishing material along with your postal address, website and key contact person of the organization at the email address given:


One thought on “First Edition of Monthly Newsletter “THE NGO WORLD” Launched”

  1. Very nice effort. So many diversified support areas do trigger the thought process for many to at least start thinking on their contribution to the society. This platform can become a resource pool to search for the type of help required and access to the right people. I am sure e-communication and web linking will gradually evolve. Best wishes.

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