First Edition of Monthly Newsletter “THE NGO WORLD” Launched

Needless to say that to-day is the era of information technology and enhanced knowledge which requires from the key players to join hands together and develop joint ventures, exchange of best practices, discussion & debate on innovative ideas, dissemination of pertinent information & knowledge about who is who & what is what etc.
That is why it been has decided to issue a Monthly Newsletter in soft. Its 1st Edition from April 2012 has been issued.

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30000 Families got Humanitarian Support due to Social Media


Initially “The NGO World Foundation” was an online forum of NGO sector professionals for sharing activities, knowledge, best practices, success stories, case studies, job opportunities, training alerts and achievements; In August 2010, it also started field activities by getting registered under societies registration act , XXI of 1860 in Pakistan with title “The NGO World Foundation (commonly known as TNW Foundation.


The year 2010 came across with so many harms including manmade & natural disasters and majorly the floods that began in the late July 2010 which has damaged about one fifth of Pakistan total land area was underwater, approximately 796,095 square kilometers (307,374 sq mi). According to Pakistani government data the floods directly affected about 20 million people, mostly by destruction of property, livelihood and infrastructure; with a death toll of close to 2,000’.Floods submerged 17 million acres (69,000 km2) of Pakistan’s most fertile crop land, damaged 1.7 million houses, killed 200,000 livestock and washed away massive amounts of grain.


During and after floods TNW Foundation team with contribution of members of its “The NGO World” mainly from Turkey supported the flood victims in all phases (relief, early recovery & rehabilitation) .

  1. Relief: Distribution of huge quantity of food & non food item benefiting around 20000 families.
  2. Education: Rehabilitation of22 feeder schools along with provision of all necessary facilities (Benefiting 1225 students) .Far off areas of Layyah.
  3. Shelter: Construction of 160 permanent quality shelter rooms for affected families of Layyah & Muzaffargarh.
  4. Livelihood: Revival of household carpet industry in Layyah (100 units constructed) restoring livelihood of 500 families.
  5. WASH: Installation of 1000 household units of Biosand Water Filter and awareness raising campaign & medical camps during relief phase Layyah.
  6. Psycho Social Support Project: Provided psycho social support to the metally ill people of affected areas of Layyah district.

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ImageThis is the “NGO revolution.

In recent decades, the number of NGOs worldwide has increased dramatically, along with a strengthening of their influence and a broadening of their activities. They now impact policies and advance initiatives that once were nearly exclusively the domain of governments and for-profit corporations.

The NGO World has decided to issue a monthly NEWSLETTER initially in soft, starting 1st addition from May, 2012 in which all the key players generally and NGOs Personnel particularly, can send freely and without any charges their periodic reports, activity reports, case studies, success stories, best practices, innovative ideas, project introduction, event updates and organizational opportunities available. Newsletter will be published & issued during 1st week of every month.

Send Your Material:

Your material should not be more than one page of MS word (A4 size) along with 1-2 pictures. Material should be sent at before 25th of every month. Sender should include his name, designation, organization name, website, phone and office address.

Newsletter will be shared effectively with donors, UN agencies, research institutions and all concerned stakeholders of NGO sector.

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Social Networking (effective use of social media):

The NGO World as an active e-forum of NGO/Development professionals (with around 12000 members all over the world) has achieved great repute and popularity for providing opportunities to the professionals regarding latest information, job alerts, training announcements, issues, success stories, case studies and other related aspects of this valuable sector. Hundreds of the professionals has availed beneficial opportunities and earned a wealth of knowledge from the members.

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After establishing successful networking on social media it also started practical activities by getting registered under societies registration act, XXI of 1860 as The NGO World Foundation. Now THE NGO WORLD, PAKISTAN, briefly called TNW is a non government striving for development of the vulnerable & marginalized communities while backward & socially disadvantaged without any discrimination of caste, creed and faith. TNW joins hands with Government Functionaries ,Line Departments ,INGOs, UN Agencies & other key Aid agencies besides .drawing its strength from communities’ active involvement in need, driven development process through a participatory development initiative & community based interventions etc.

“The NGO World Foundation” also act as humanitarian organization responding to human sufferings in emergency and disastrous situations anywhere regardless race, gender, ethnicity, class, location, religion, color, cultural diversity and social background; with special focus in the areas where the massive population living below the poverty line like southern Punjab. We have also partners range from small community support groups to national alliances and international networks seeking education for all, justice and action against poverty, peace and harmony, class and gender discrimination and natural calamity.

Our work with the co-partners underlines the issues that emerge after any natural upheaval or affect poor and voiceless people. In addition to our emergency relief efforts under natural or man- made disasters areas; we also work on long term relief and development program like community physical infrastructure, clean water programs, Livelihood, Economic Empowerment, Orphan and Widows Support Program and Skill Development Program etc. We have a unique vision and direction. We don’t impose solutions, but work with communities to strengthen their own efforts to throw off poverty. We constantly seek new solutions and ask ourselves how we can make the greatest impact with our resources. We work to persuade the community to be on their own, to create a condition in which people actively participate in the development process. We also work in natural resource management.

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